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Introduction to the advantages of PDC core bit

Diamond drill bits are not only used for a long time, but can also be reused.

Advantages and disadvantages of PDC drill bits

PDC bits also have advantages on high-speed drilling tools, such as turbodrills, screw drilling tools, or deviated well sections.


91#4 group of 8 teeth imported small tooth ball piece

PDC drill bit specifications

At present, the strength of diamond composite drill bits is mainly divided into three types: ordinary type, reinforced type, and high-strength type;

PDC Core Bits Maintenance Instructions

To make the drill work normally and stably, the stabilizer should be replaced regularly.

How to choose a geological drill pipe?

Drill rods are divided into 1 meter, 2 meters, 3 meters, and 4 meters in length, and customers can choose according to the depth of the drilling.

SPD300 water well drilling rig

Drilling rig composition: diesel engine, clutch, drilling tool, frame, turntable, driveshaft, etc. Small and medium-sized well drilling rigs have reliable product quality and performance. The drilling diameter is 70-300 mm and the depth is 60-80 meters.

DTH drill bit head structure

Order Guide: Bit Dia.+Shank+Face shape+Carbide button shape

Button bit/Rock button bits

Swedish engineering and technical personnel believe that the combination of button bit and hydraulic rock drilling rig is the best match for modern rock drilling technology.

Roller palm piece

According to the tooth type, wedge teeth and vertebral teeth are commonly used in rotary Roller palm pieces.

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PDC Non-coring drill bit (new product)

The products have been produced, and strictly through the quality screening, now has been packed in transit.

PDC Bit main components

PDC Bit is mainly composed of Bit body and cutting teeth。


Now on the market the most common DTH Hammer is a kind of pneumatic impactor.

Cold pressing ball tooth bit

Taper hole connection and thread connection are two kinds of connections for ball bit. Thread connection is generally decided according to bit diameter and drill pipe thread。

Single-chisel bit

The advantages of this product are: can be used to drill any hardness of the rock; Not suitable for drilling fractured heterogeneous rocks: widely used in various light rock drills。

How to replace the roller cone bit

The drill bit is several hundred meters to several kilometers downhole,so how do I replace the roller cone bit?

Why Choose PDC Drill Bit?

Compared against conventional diamond bit, it has the advantages of low cost and wide range of application. It is widely used in well drilling, geological coring exploration, mineral exploration and other industries

Rock Breaking Principle Of Diamond Drill

The rock breaking action of the diamond bit is done by diamond particles. To understand the rock breaking action of a drill bit, we must understand the rock breaking action of a single diamond.

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