Hot - pressed tube thin - wall bit

FeaturesA special method of drilling in which the casing is pressed in while drilling, or the casing is pressed in advance, and the drill string is followed by drilling. This method prevents wall collapse or fluid sand filling holes during drilling. It is suitable for drilling loose formations and fluid sand layers.

Product size: 91    110     130    150    170


Diamond impregnated bits possible failure and elimination method how to wear and tear:

1、Diamond impregnated bits possible failure and elimination method how to wear and tear.



(1)The rock is harder and denser;

(2)The selected diamond bit is too hard and the diamond concentration is too high;

(3)The rig is over age, the diesel engine is not powerful enough, the bit pressure is not big, and the speed is not high


(1)According to the nature of the rock choose a soft matrix hardness or choose serrated electroplating bit or hot pressure bit

(2)Choose the low concentration bit

(3)Choose rig with good mechanical performance, such as XY-2B, repair and maintain the diesel engine to ensure sufficient horsepower; General hole depth 0-200 meters,XY-2PC can be handled; If the hole depth is 0-300 meters or more than 300 meters, type 1000 drilling machine is recommended.

2Diamond bit inner and outer diameters are ground into horns or steps


(1)At the bottom of the hole were fragments of the body

(2)Sweep the probe stone with drill bit

(3)Forced drilling after the core is blocked

(4)The rock strata drilled are hard and brittle; 


(1)Use the old drill to grab the pieces and break up the metal, or use the ground drill to clear the bottom of the hole

(2 When the probe stone is encountered, it is best to clean with the old bit or the reaming bit

(3)After blocking, first gently lift the drill tool, repeated three times without effect, must lift the drill

(4)In case of hard and brittle stratum, HRC45 or higher hardness is used body

3Fetal damage or partial wear


(1)Bit steel or drill string with different core from the bit

(2)The drilling tool vibrates violently


(1)Improve the stability of drilling tools and stabilize the field. The mechanical installation is stable and the circumference is level, and the horizontal ruler is used for careful measurement. Center alignment of the drive shaft between the rig and the diesel engine; Ensure the drill pipe is vertical; Conditions permit the use of emulsifying wash

(2)The drill tool does not bend and deform first, if discover different core and supply group contact or contact with our factory directly change.

4Pay attention to drilling: its symptom diesel engine sudden back force; The water pump pressure gauge suddenly increased; Other factors: First, blind pressure, the pursuit of progress, not timely discharge of powder, resulting in the silting of rock powder in the hole, resulting in burning drill; Insufficient supply of secondary washing fluid or interruption of circulation.

5Manual blade selection: Once the lip is struck with a file, the lip can be left with a groove or the surface can be roughened. Second purpose grindstone or sand stone artificial grinding bit; Three use aqua (hydrochloric acid and nitric acid = 6, corrosion; The drill bit is soaked with waste electricity; Five such as airports or projects have a grinder, grinding wheel machine available grinding diamond impregnated bits surface, can achieve a certain effect.

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SPECIFICATIONS   FOR NWL Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bit With Synthetic Diamonds and   Long working Life


Outside Diameter

Inside Diameter






























Developed by our company is mainly engaged in impregnated diamond bit for more than 20 years, formula design of rock bit drilling technology structure technology has a deep understanding of the product application areas include: engineering survey and geological prospecting concrete core pulling test pile soil survey.

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Commonly used specifications
Q Series rope coringNQ,NQ3,HQ,HQ3,PQ,PQ3
T2 Series double tubeT2-66,T2-76
T6 Series double tubeT6-76,T6-101
DCDMA-Casing shoeNW,HW
B series of single pipeB-76
MLC Double pipe seriesNMLC,HMLC
TW Thin-walled rope coringBTW,NTW



 Single pipe bit and reaming shell

---B series

B series Single pipe bit and reaming shell,It is often used in cases where the core preservation requirements are not high and for concrete core extraction.

Main specifications:36、46、56、66、76、86、101、116、131

---Z series

Z series Single pipe bitand reaming shellThicker and more impact resistant than B Series.

Main specifications 46、56、66、76、86、101、116、131、146

---WG series

WG series Single pipe bitand reaming shell.

Main specificationsEWGAWGBWGNWGHWG

---WT series

WT series Single pipe bitand reaming shell.

Main specifications:BWT、NWT、HWT

--- China Standard

Main specifications:47、56、59、75、91、110、130、150、170、225、275

 Double tube drill bit and reaming shell

---T2 series

T2 series is thin-wall Double pipe drilling tool,Used for surface drilling, especially for prospecting. Because of their thin walls, these tools provide fast drilling speed.

Main specifications::36,46,56,66,76,86,101

---T6 series

The T6 Series Double pipe Drilling Tool is an extension of the T2seriesWith a more reliable design. Larger diameters can be used for surface prospecting and geological engineering investigations.

Main specifications:76,86,101,116,131,146

---TT series

TT Series is an ultra-thin-wall Double pipe drilling tool with a very thin cutting surface that enables very fast drilling in hard formations. Suitable for use in underground drilling.

Main specifications:46、56

---LTK 48 & LTK 60 series

LTK Series is a drill string with thinner walls than T2 SeriesIt is specially designed for obtaining the best footage and core-rate in medium to super hard rock, with good economic benefit and high productivity. Main specifications:48,60

---WF series

The WF Series Double Pipe Drilling Tool is widely used in engineering investigations and was originally designed for core-taking with a bottom jet bit in soft formations. They are simpler and more durable than thin-wall tools, but they drill more slowly. Main specifications:HWF、PWF、ZWF、UWF、ZWF

---WG series

 Main specifications:EWG、AWG、BWG、NWG、HWG

---WM series

Main specifications:EWM、AWM、BWM、NWM

---WT series

Main specifications:RWT、EWT、AWT、BWT、NWT、HWT

--- MLC Bottom-spraying series

Main specifications:NMLC、HMLC

---China Standard

Main specifications:36、47、56、59、75、91、110

Wireline core drill bit and reaming shell

--- Q Series Wire line core is mainly used for deep hole coring.

Main specifications:AQ、BQ、NQ、HQ、PQ

Bottom spray type:NQ3、HQ3、PQ3、SQ3

--- TW Thin-Wall Series is used for shallow hole drilling, especially for geological prospectingThe thin wall provides fast drilling speed and is suitable for portable drills.

Main specifications:BTW、 NTW

---China Standard

Main specifications:59、75、91(95)

Casing shoe drill bit、Casing shoe、Drill rod shoe

---W series Casing shoe drill bitCasing shoe

Main specifications:RW、EW、AW、BW、NW、HW、PW、ZW、UW、ZW

---X series Casing shoe drill bitCasing shoe Main specifications:RX、EX、AX、BX、NX、HX、PX、ZX、UX、ZX

--- The metric system series Casing shoe drill bitCasing shoe

Main specifications:46、56、66、76、86、101、116、131、146

---Q series Drill rod shoe

Main specifications: NQ、HQ、PQ

---TW series thin-wall Drill rod shoe

Main specifications:NTW

---China Standard Casing shoe

Main specifications:91、110、130、150、170


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