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Reverse circulation water well drill bit

reverse circulation water well drill bit, model 320# Expand520#

External factors affecting the lithology of PDC bits

Only when the diamond particles have enough specific pressure to eat into the stratum rock and cause the rock to break in volume, can the ideal rock breaking effect be achieved.

PDC non-core drill bits/PDC drag bits

The order has been completed and is being shipped to Moscow city.

Eccentric down-the-hole drill bit CIR110-133

the order has been completed and is being shipped to the Altai Republic

Used 8 Wing PDC Petroleum Drill Bit

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PDC drag bits

The products have been produced, and strictly through the quality screening, now has been packed. It's on its way to Lorsch!

XY-1A-150 water well drilling rig

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NQ75mm rope core diamond composite drill bit

Our company can customize drill bits with various special sizes and special requirements.

Odex190 Eccentric Casing System for Rock Drilling

The assembly of this drilling tool is composed of Pilot Bit and Blocks.

6-Wings PDC matrix drill bit

The use of high-tech cutting teeth improves the ability and service life of the drill bit to penetrate the interlayer.

Parameters of Tricone hole opener 36"

Since this product is a customized product, the volume and weight may have errors with the actual parameters

Type-LTK48 Impregnated diamond coring bit

Peru customer customization

The main reason that affects PDC coring bits damage

mainly including broken teeth, mud packs, erosion, nozzle or channel blockage, damage to the nozzle and itself.

PDC coring bits first drilling operation guide 

When the drill bit encounters a stratum with changing lithology, the weight on bit and speed should be continuously monitored and adjusted to achieve the optimal bit life and drilling speed.

Coal drill pipe

It is generally made of high-quality carbon-bonded steel and suitable for Coal electric drill drilling.

Coal drill bits

Feature the advantages of fast drilling speed, wide drilling range

Russian standard P110 products

DTH HAMMER, Hammerhead and DTH Hammer Drill bit

850MM PDC hole opener/HDD hole opener/reamer

The reamer is used to enlarge the diameter of the predrilled hole. They are customized to specifications and come in a variety of sizes.

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